Billing Statements

Billing statements are typically mailed, hand delivered, and/or e-mailed on a monthly basis no less than seven (7) days before they are due, however, statements are not required by the Lease. Tenant's obligation for timely payment is pursuant to their Lease.


Rent and tenant charges are due and payable on the first day of each month. All checks should be made payable to GCC 28 Owner, LLC and sent to:

If by Check:

Lockbox Mailing Address:
GCC 28 Owner, LLC
PO Box 865537
Orlando, FL 32886-5537

Lockbox Overnight Mail Only:
Lockbox Services - 865537
GCC 28 Owner, LLC
LBX# 865537
11050 Lake Underhill Rd.
Orlando, FL 32825

If by Wire:

Please contact the Management Office.

Please call the Property Manager at 703-226-2750 if you have questions about your statement.

Billing Address

The initial billing address is the address stated in the Notices section of the lease agreement. If another address is desired, or an address change occurs, please send notice to this effect in writing on company letter head to the Management Office. No address change may be made over the telephone; however, facsimile transmissions are permissible.

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