Individual tenants at Highline at Greensboro District may install intrusion alarms, but the alarms must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. No local enunciation is permitted. This includes horns, bells, whistles, flashing lights or other devices that enunciate for a period of more than fifteen seconds before shutting off automatically. This is to preclude noise that may affect the patronage of other tenants.
  2. Alarms should report to an off-site central alarm monitoring station. The tenant, as the subscriber to this service, may then elect to be called, have the Police called, or both.

The instructions from the tenant to the alarm monitoring station may include a courtesy call to the Management Office at 703-226-2750. Security staff will respond to the situation pending the arrival of a tenant representative and/or the Police as summoned by the alarm monitoring company. Please keep in mind that members of your team and the Police must respond, as the building security is unable to enter the space or reset the alarms.

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