Occupant Security Responsibilities

Remember that the best way to improve security is for each Occupant in the Building to take an active role -just as you would in the neighborhood where you live.

  1. Make sure all doors to your offices are locked and secured at the close of your business day. This is extremely important on the weekends.
  2. Do not hesitate to report any suspicious or disorderly individuals to the Management Office (703-226-2750). Our Building security personnel will escort them from the Building.
  3. Solicitation is not permitted in the Building, and any individual who enters your offices for this purpose should be reported to the Management Office. Building security personnel will escort them from the building.
  4. Inform the Management Office of any building keys, which are lost. This includes keys to your suite, washroom keys, and access cards.
  5. Keep Building Identification Cards out of the hands of those who do not need them. Try to maintain up-to-date records of all your employees who have cards. Inform the Management Office immediately when individuals have been removed from your employment for any reason.
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Occupant Security Responsibilities
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