Fire Communication System

The Pyrotronics Fire Communications System consists of detection, reporting and control functions. When an alarm is generated, certain automatic responses take place. Some involve shutting down equipment. However, all provide notification to the Fire Command Station in the lobby and an automatic alert is transmitted to the Central Alarm Service (Datawatch Systems) which then notifies the Fire Department.

There are a number of types of alarms, which are recognized by the Fire Command Station, and each type has a specific response. These are as follows:

Smoke in the elevator hallway Fire alarm sounds*
Elevators return to the lobby level
Smoke in the duct work
Fire alarm sounds*
A/C unit shuts down
Manual Pull Station alarms Fire alarm sounds*
Elevators continue operating
Computer Room Fire Detection Fire alarm sounds*
Elevators continue operating

* The fire alarm sounds on the alarming floor and the floor above, and below.

Voice communications are available from the Lobby Command Station to one or all floors by use of the public address speakers which are located in a number of areas on each floor and in stairwells A and B. In addition, communication is also available from the Command Station to each individual floor by use of the red Fireman's phone located in the elevator lobby on each floor.

Fire Alarm

The fire alarm is transmitted over the speakers located on each floor. It is a high-pitched "beep" tone, followed by an emergency announcement. This should not be confused with a low noise tone or static crackle, which indicates the system is occupied in a particular function or that the public address line is open. The latter does not require any response on the part of the Fire Warden.

Public Address System

The fire alarm system contains a public address facility from which instructions can be broadcast to one floor at a time or all floors simultaneously. Instructions can also be received in the stairwells, elevators and garages over the public address system. This allows for the broadcast of any special conditions when evacuation is in progress.

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