Insurance Protection

Highline at Greensboro District leases include a provision requiring tenants to have public liability insurance and fire and extended coverage insurance for all tenant belongings located in the tenant premises.

Tenants must also maintain general liability and property damage insurance 1) designating as Additional Insured and 2) providing a waiver of subrogation in favor of:

  • GCC 28 Owner, LLC
  • GCC 28 Mezz, LLC
  • Greensboro Center, LLC
  • GCC 28 Holdings, LLC
  • GCC 28 lnvestors Subsidiary, LLC
  • Greensboro Original Partners Limited Partnership
  • GCC 28 Investors, LLC
  • Greensboro Center Inc.
  • Greensboro Center Subtier Limited Partnership
  • Greensboro Drive Acquisition Company, LLC
  • AREP SOF II Greensboro IMF LLC
  • AREP SOF II Greensboro Investor LLC
  • GCC 28 MFM, LLC
  • GCC 28 CIFM, LLC
  • AREP Strategic Office Fund II LP
  • Westbrook Real Estate Fund X, L.P.
  • Westbrook Real Estate Co-Investment Partnership X, L.P.
  • AREP Strategic Office Fund II GP LLC
  • Westbrook Realty Management X, L.P.
  • BREF V Series B LLC
  • American Real Estate Partners Management LLCĀ 
  • Citibank, N.A

The certificate holder should read as follows:

AREP Management LLC
2350 Corporate Park Drive, Suite 110
Herndon, VA 20171

With a copy to, either:

GCC 28 Owner, LLC
c/o AREP Management LLC
8405 Greensboro Drive, Suite 1050
McLean, Virginia 22102
Attn: Angela Macuci, Property Manager



The Certificate of Insurance (CoI) must also contain agreements by each insurance company providing evidence that such coverage will not be materially changed or canceled without thirty (30) days or more prior written notice to AREP at the above address.

Insurance required of contractors shall be secured from insurance companies licensed to do business in the State in which the work is being undertaken and have a minimum AM Best rating of A-VIII or better. Contractors shall provide certificates of insurance on or before the date that work commences at the Property.

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