Building Signage and Directory

Directory Strips

Upon your move in, AREP will obtain a directory strip for your company to be placed in the lobby. The number of directory strips is limited based on your proportionate share. You must simply notify the Management Office in writing of the proper listing for your firm. There will be a charge should you want to make any changes. It takes approximately two weeks to obtain a directory strip. Please call the Management Office at 703-226-2750.

Suite Signs

Building signage complies with ADA standards with suite number in Braille below numeric number. Company name is located on bottom portion. Signage is mounted according to ADA standards.

Upon your move in AREP will obtain a standard entrance suite sign. There will be a charge should you want to make any changes. The approximate delivery time is four weeks. Please call the Management Office at 703-226-2750.

The following relates to tenant space:

Attractive, well-designed signs not only inform, they also entice customers into your suite. Good signage increases your impact, gives your suite identity, and supports the Building's image. Please follow these rules to maintain a uniformly high standard:

  1. All signs must be professionally printed. No hand printed, magic marker or grease pencil signs are allowed.
  2. No banners may be mounted outside of your space or within 24 inches of the inside of your windows.
  3. All freestanding signs must be kept inside the tenant’s lease line. (Please contact the Management Office at 703-226-2750 if you cannot identify your lease line.)
  4. No signs are to be taped to any area of your suite entry windows or doors, or placed in windows that face the exterior of the Building.
  5. Credit card signs and other advertising placards may not be affixed to the glass suite entry or doors.
  6. Signs may not obstruct entrance to or visibility into your or any other suite.
  7. No signs with visible neon tubing or lamps, or signs of the flashing, blinking or animated type are permitted.

Please remember that our common goal is not to limit your creativity but to ensure that those efforts meet the presentation standards that help set the Building apart.

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