A contracted janitorial service provides the building with nightly cleaning of interior office space and all common areas Monday through Friday by an outside janitorial contractor. The porters maintain common areas during the day.

Cleaning inside tenant spaces during business hours is the responsibility of each tenant; however, daytime cleaning services may be obtained by making arrangements through the Management Office for a small fee. Special services such as carpet shampooing or private restroom cleaning within your premises may be scheduled easily by calling 703-226-2750. These special services are detailed below:

Special Services

Your offices represent a significant investment of corporate dollars. Even with the extensive cleaning program that the building offers, there are several items to consider to protect that investment.

  1. Carpets - Thorough carpet care requires a professionally organized program that includes deep shampooing in combination with power pile lifting, as well as ongoing spot cleaning. Carpeting is the most expensive and most used appointment per square foot of your space. Instituting an ongoing maintenance program to keep carpeting free from grit will maintain the carpet in peak condition for many years. This type of program has the added advantage of enhancing the fresh, clean look in your space. The nightly janitorial contractor will spot clean carpet stains at no charge if areas to be cleaned are called in to the Management Office during business hours. Shampooing of your carpet may be arranged through the Management Office.
  2. Floors - Prolonging the life and beauty of any floor requires a combination of proper maintenance techniques (sealing, waxing and buffing), and specialized equipment. Wooden and tile floors often require special care on a regular basis to preserve their natural appeal and life span. The nightly janitorial contractor maintains the tile floors in all suites at no charge. Maintenance of wooden floors within tenant space beyond dust mopping is the responsibility of the tenant. You may choose to directly contract with the nightly janitorial or an independent company to accommodate your needs. Or, if you prefer, you may contact the Management Office and we will assist in putting you in contact with the correct person(s) with the building's contracted janitorial company.
  3. Upholstery - Upholstery should be vacuumed and cleaned on a regular basis with spot cleaning done as necessary. Dirt in furniture retains odors and mutes the colors of the fabric, and stains make the furniture appear unsightly. The nightly janitorial contractor vacuums all upholstery on an as-needed basis. By calling the Management Office, this service can be scheduled for your suite. Upholstery spot cleaning can be scheduled with the nightly janitorial for a cost, or an independent company. Remember to have the company test clean an unnoticeable area of the piece of furniture first in case a negative reaction occurs with the cleaning product(s).
  4. Walls - We recommend that walls be washed once a year and painted every three years. This will help to keep marks on the walls to a minimum and will also add to the fresh, clean look. These services are the tenant’s responsibility; however, the Management Office may assist you in locating reliable contractors to perform this work after business hours.
  5. Kitchen - As an added convenience, it is possible to set up a program by the nightly janitorial contractor to clean kitchen areas in your space on a daily or weekly basis. This frees up the time of any employee that might have been delegated this chore and helps to increase productivity by allowing everyone to concentrate on business rather than housekeeping. This program can be scheduled with the nightly janitorial company or an independent company.
  6. Miscellaneous - Other areas in your suite (private restrooms, interior glass walls, wood furniture, etc.) might also have special cleaning needs to keep them in top condition. Offices that are kept locked will not be cleaned due to the janitorial company’s lack of access. Periodically you may wish to leave the doors open to the offices you want cleaned to indicate to the janitorial crew that it/they should be cleaned that evening.

Please contact the Management Office at 703-226-2750 to discuss setting up a cleaning program specifically tailored to your business needs. Putting a program into place to provide this specialized care will maintain your investment without involving your time and energy. You will be surprised at how quick and easy it can be to keep your investment in peak condition and you will appreciate the benefits for years to come.

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