Highline at Greensboro District is a strong supporter of the environmental recycling efforts. The property recycles white paper, colored paper, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, aluminum, glass and plastic. Large recycling bins are provided for paper products as well as for all aluminum, glass and plastic materials.

Each individual tenant is supplied with a desk-side recycling container for paper. Paper can be conveniently placed in these containers. Anything that can be torn with the exception of food wrappers can be placed in these containers. When necessary, desk-side containers should be emptied into the larger, centrally located recycling container within your office. The cleaning staff will empty the large container on an as-needed basis.

If you have any questions as to the recyclability of a particular paper, or any item, please contact the Management Office at 703-226-2750.

We look forward to your contribution in preserving the environment!

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