Key and Lock Policy

Building and Suite Access

Suite Security is the sole responsibility of the Tenant. Perimeter access for the building is provided by Datawatch. Before your move in, identify a Card Administrator (usually HR or Office Manager, as well as a back up). Provide the completed Authorization Form to the Management Office at prior to move in. Once authorization is confirmed, you may reach out to Datawatch to order the initial card stock for main lobby, elevator, and parking garage elevator lobby access. You will provide them with an initial list of employees and their access permissions for your suite. Changes to your access cards will be made by emailing directly.

The system is fairly intuitive, however, a User Guide is available for your reference. It and the Authorization Form may always be found in the Forms section of this handbook.

To receive Datawatch Cards for building entry and floor access, employees should speak to their card administrator.

When an employee is terminated from your employ, their Datawatch card should be collected to prevent further access to your suite and the building. Please contact your card administrator to have the card de-activated.

In addition, it is the tenant’s responsibility to recapture the keys and cards of all terminated employees in order to maintain the security of your suite and the building. If replacement locks are needed because keys have not been collected from the individual(s) who have left your company, you will be charged for this service.

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